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90 Minute Massage

  • $125.00

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60 Minute Massage

  • $85.00

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30 Minute Massage

  • $55.00

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Saverance Package

  • $175.00

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  • Saverance Package

    The “Saverance” Package is named for our owner Jimmy Saverance. It is the ultimate 2-hour service. Pampering is the idea here– enjoy a full body massage, hot stones, a back scrub, scalp massage and foot bliss. ($175.00)

  • Ladies Massage Package

    This 90-minute treatment will leave you feeling like a queen! Begin with a one hour Relaxation massage followed by our one and only, Foot Bliss Massage. Heaven. ($140)

  • Gentleman's Massage Package

    The Gentleman’s Massage Package covers all the bases. Start with a Deep Tissue Massage, then exfoliate with a Full Body Ground Pumice Scrub. $150 (105 minutes).

  • Sports Massage Package

    Perfect for your inner athlete. The Sports Massage Package begins with a one-hour sports massage targeting the muscle groups you want, followed by our Detox/Hydrating wrap that will allow your body to rid itself of toxins, leaving you ready for your next athletic hurdle. ($160) (110 minutes).

  • Sports Massage

    Name your sport, we have the right massage to keep you at peak performance.  Whether you shoot hoops, play tennis, bike or run triathlons– we listen, assess, then develop a massage plan to get you back in the game. (Rates: $125, $85, $55)

  • Deep Tissue

    Jimmy is known around the Lowcountry for his deep tissue massage. Myofascial trigger points are manipulated by continuous, specific  deep pressure. Neuromuscular body work is beneficial to achieve ultimate body function or relieve chronic pain. (Rates: $125, $85, $55)

  • Relaxation

    Our twist on the classic Swedish Massage.  Gliding and kneading strokes are used along with hot towels for a more superficial surface massage.  Benefits Include increased circulation and stress relief. (Rates: $125, $85, $55)

  • Foot Bliss

    This 30-minute treatment begins with a foot buff for callused areas, followed by a ground pumice scrub. Your feet are then submerged in soothing paraffin before being wrapped in hot towels and ending with a foot massage using coconut oil! ($60)

  • The 10k

    OK runners– meet your match! The focus in this massage is on quads, hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, calfs and feet arches.
    (Rates: $125, $85, $55)

  • Tour De France

    If you spend your weekends hunched over your handlebars, you know all about the dull pain in your mid-lower back. This massage focuses on your back, along with calfs, hamstrings and quads. (Rates: $125, $85, $55)

  • Gym Rat

    Did you tweak your back on that dead lift last week? BodyWurx by Jimmy can help. The Gym Rat massage pays close attention to specific muscle sprains and strains, helping promote recovery, so you’ll be at peak performance on your next training day.(Rates: $125, $85, $55)

  • Gift Certficates

    If you’re looking for that perfect gift, ask Jimmy about a BodyWurx gift certificate. You can pick the massage, spa service or massage package you like and then share the magic with your friends or family. Call today or stop by and pick one up!

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Be sure to ask about add-ons like Aromatherapy or Back Scrubs!