Detox / Hydrating Wrap
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Detoxify muscles and hydrate skin with this 50 minute Mylar wrap. This service is great for counteracting delayed onset muscle soreness; which is a term used to explain the pain that sets in a few days after rigorous exercise. The detox wrap begins with a full body dry exfoliation, followed by being covered with a synergistic blend of essential oils (detox) and coconut oil (hydrate). Then you are wrapped from head to toe in Mylar, which locks in your body heat, allowing the body to rid itself of toxins. While wrapped for 25/30 minutes choose from scalp or foot massage. Properties of the essential oils can help with: sore muscles, inflammation, swelling, fatigue, stiffness, lymphatic function and the coconut oil has superb skin rehydrating qualities. ($75).

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BodyWurx by Jimmy offers a variety of massages that come in 30, 60 or 90-minute sessions. They include Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Relaxation. Costs are $50 (30-minute), $80 (60-minute) and $120 (90-minute). Specialty massages include our 30-minute Foot Bliss ($55) and The “Saverance” Package, the ultimate 2-hour service. Pampering is the idea here– enjoy a full body massage, hot stones, a back scrub and foot bliss. ($170). We also offer massages that target your sport– including the 10k for runners, the Tour de France for cyclists and the Gym Rat for weightlifters: $50 (30-minute), $80 (60-minute) and $120 (90-minute).
Our spa services include a Detox / Hydrating Wrap ($75), Full-Body ground pumice scrub ($60), Back scrub ($15), Paraffin ($10 just hands or feet, $15 for both), Aromatherapy ($10), Cryotherapy ($10), and our 30-minute Sports Stretch ($50).
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