Susan P.
West Ashley

“Jimmy always manages to find the areas that need the most work. He definitely has the “magic” touch and after my deep tissue massage yesterday I know progress was made on deep scar tissue in my shoulder. My range of motion is so much better today! I added a scrub and wrap to yesterday’s massage…ahhhh!”

Jim R.
James Island, SC

“Jimmy’s deep tissue massage is the most effective way I’ve found to relieve my lower back pain. It incredible to walk in full of aches and pains and leave with your “life” back. Overall an Amazing Massage! I’m a HUGE FAN!”

T. Caine
Charleston, SC

“I went to see Jimmy for his Detox-hydrating wrap. It was awesome. The exfoliation felt great and really got rid of some dry skin. The wrap with foot massage sent me into la la land. I think I lost lots of water weight after seeing all the sweat afterwards.”

“I went to see Jimmy for the first time on Saturday. I had a great workout before my scheduled massage. The sports stretching and deep work was the real deal. Jimmy’s experience is obvious in his technique and his professionalism was greatly appreciated.”
Jay Melrose, Kiawah Island

720 Magnolia Road, Suite 12, Charleston, SC. (843) 364-5997.

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