Located at 1964 Ashley River Road in Charleston, SC.

oneAthlete Massage

Name your sport, we have the right massage to keep you at peak performance.  Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, tennis player, weightlifter or triathlete– you are going to experience tightness in one muscle group or another.  We listen, assess your situation, then develop a massage that addresses your issue.   Ask about adding a 30-minute stretching session to your massage or Cryotherapy– where we use ice to get you back on top of your game.

twoThe Abyss

Our deep tissue massage is not for the beginner– and remember to drink lots of water after!  Myofascial trigger points are manipulated by continuous, specific  deep pressure. Release of these trigger points allows normal blood circulation back to the muscles.   This type of body work may be uncomfortable at times but is greatly beneficial.

threeGet Stoned

This massage uses warm hot smooth volcanic basalt stones along with specially picked stones from Lowcountry beaches. The heat from the stones penetrates the muscles for a deep relaxation.  During hot stone massage, the stones are used to warm tissue, promote circulation and bring an overall sense of calm.

fourThe Stockhholm

Our twist on the classic Swedish Massage.  Gliding and kneading are used along with hot towels for a more superficial surface massage.  Benefits Include increased circulation and stress relief.

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